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< 2 GB RAM Booster APK


Vivek Warde
Most of our device needs restart after some period of time to free the RAM used by most of the...
< 3 GB RAM Booster APK


Vivek Warde
This is the simplest RAM Cleaner that goes through your android device & cleans up the...
✡ Fortune ✡ Numrology ✡ APK

Vivek Warde
We all have lucky numbers, but what are they & from where did they came? Numbers have a...
Magnetic Field - Magnetometer APK


Vivek Warde
Visualize the hidden world of magnetism around you ! This free tool perfectly explore and...
Peacock Run APK


Vivek Warde
Peacock Run is an exciting where you help Peacock Run, Fly and Jump over obstacles. Peacock Run...
Cute Lion JetPack Adventure APK


Vivek Warde
Lions are known as the king of forest. But here a little cute Lion is trapped in a big long...
< 3 GB RAM Booster Pro(Widget) APK


Vivek Warde
This app is for low RAM devices, i.e less than 3 GB, 2 GB, 1 GB or 512 MB ! Most of our device...