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Magic draw APK


SoftFun Inc
The amazing magicdraw, a wonderful drawing tool, bringing you into fantastic drawing world. We...
Fast Finger APK


SoftFun Inc
Show us how fast your fingers can be! Start the game with your finger on, and it will turn to...
Age camera APK

SoftFun Inc
Take a picture, guess how old are you! Without networking you can let the phone determine...
Solitaire pinnacle APK

SoftFun Inc
Solitaire pinnacle of the most challenging game! Although it is the pinnacle, but in fact it will...
Catch eggs APK

SoftFun Inc
Challenge your fingers and your eyes, show us whether they are good friends! Various backgrounds...
Find Poker APK

SoftFun Inc
Quickly from one level of poker, find a pair that. If that is so fun. . Because I really just...
Search color APK

SoftFun Inc
Ultimate challenge in one minute! Show us how many colors you could find out! In the limited time...