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Irish Slot APK


Nerd Soft Entertainment
Irish symbols based slot machine simulator. Instead of fruits and other well know symbols on...
Sk8 Trick Picker APK


Nerd Soft Entertainment
This is an easy to use utility for skateboarders. It will randomly suggest a flat ground...
Lucky 7 APK


Nerd Soft Entertainment
Simulator of popular casino game Lucky 7, also known as Seven and Stripes. This slot has 3...
Golden Cherry HD APK
Golden Cherry slot is a variation of classic 3 reel cherry slot machine, also called fruits...
Touch The Numbers APK


Nerd Soft Entertainment
Fast fingers game with a simple task, tap numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can. For a...
Lucky Suits APK


Nerd Soft Entertainment
Lucky suites is free casino slot game with card suites as symbols. For more fun we made it easy...
Lucky Suits ML APK


Nerd Soft Entertainment
Free to play 5 reel, 5 lines casino slot game. Game is based on playing cards symbols. With...
London Slot APK


Nerd Soft Entertainment
London themed casino video slot machine game maid for your fun and your amusement. The game is...